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Changchun Location

It is located the central part of Songliao Plain, covering a total area of 20,571 square kilometers (about 8,012 square miles). Being the capital city of Jilin Province with clivia as its city flower, Changchun is the political, economic and cultural center. If territory of China is in a shape of rooster, therefore Changchun is one eye of this huge rooster. You can imagine its important position.

Changchun Introduction

Changchun city, the capital of Jilin province is one of the vice-provincial cities. It has been granted the state public-health city, the double-support model city, the state advanced garden a forestation city, one of the state first excellent traveling cities and the state advanced civilization-established city. Under Changchun city's administrative jurisdiction there are six districts and four counties (cities). The urban area is 3,583 square kilometers among them the utilized urban area is 159 square kilometers.

Changchun City Feature

Changchun City is situated at the heart of Song Liao Plains in northeastern China, and it's counties and districts are at 124.18 to 127.02 degrees east longitude, 43.05 to 45.15 degrees north latitude, and at 250 to 350 meters above the sea level. The city is at the center of the three northeast provinces, plain and broad,and will be the crisscross point of the third east-westward. "Europe-Asia Continental Bridge". With four clear-cut seasons and favorable temperature in the mild temperate zone, Changchun has an annual average temperature of 5.2 degrees, a rainfall of 522 - 615 mm, and a sunshine time of 2,688 hours, thus being called "Spring City in Northern China".

Changchun Area

The whole city covers a total area of 20,571 square kilometers.

Area code: 0431
Postal code: 130000

Changchun Population

It has a population of 6.996 million. Its urban population is 2.93 million.

Changchun Climate

Spring is dry and windy; summer is wet and rainy; autumn is sunny and cool; winter is cold. Generally speaking rain and heat come in the same season. It belongs to semi-moist monsoon climate with an annual temperature of 4.8 degrees Celsius, annual average precipitation of 611 mm and frost free period of 140-150 days.

Changchun Minority Nationality

There are 38 minority nationalities such as Han, Korea, Mongolian and Hui.

Changchun Resource

In mineral resources, there are coal, petroleum, limestone, zeolite, sodium base grease clay and marble etc.

What to see

The natural sceneries of Changchun lie in lakes and forests. Nanhu Park (South Lake Park), Jingyuetan National Forest Park are good places for you to enjoy the pleasure given by nature. Especially in winter the whole Changchun city will give you a real enjoyment of genuine winter. Besides, there are colonial vestiges, such as Puppet Emperor's Palace, Badabu. Still Changchun Film Studio and Changchun Movie City provide you another different kind of enjoyment comparing with simply watching movies in cinemas. Nightlife of Changchun is not as colorful and romantic as that of other big cities in China. Various kinds of pubs, coffee bars, teahouses and other amusement centers will make you feel at ease.