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Chengde City Location

Chengde City is located in the north of Hebei Province and at the foot of Yanshan Mountains. The municipal area is located in the basin on the west bank of Wulie River with altitude 370 meters and it forms a gradient of 3 to 10 percent from the northwest to the southeast. Its geographic location is 115.54 degrees to 119.15 degrees east longitude and 40.12 degrees north latitude.

Chengde City Introduction

Chengde is a city approximately one hundred miles northeast of Beijing in Hebei province, situated near the Luan River. Chengde was formerly called Rehe (Jehol), and was the capital of the now defunct Rehe province. Chengde is famous for the imperial summer palace (bishushanzhuang, Fleeing-the-Heat Mountain Villa) which was built by Emperor Kangxi in 1703. And here is a very good place to get a summer holiday.

Chengde City Area

Chengde City has an area of 395,000 square kilometers. The municipal area is 18.6 square kilometers.
Area code: 0314
Postal code: 067000

Chengde City Population

It possesses a population of 3.56 million, 1.32 million minority people in it.

Chengde Climate

It has a temperate continental climate with an annual average temperature of 8.8 degrees celsius, annual precipitation of 580 millimeters. And has 150 frost-free days.

Chengde City Flower

When the President of Cambodia Xihanuke and his wife, Princess Monike visited Chengde City on May 29 1983, they appreciated very much the flower of Thorn Rose. Hence according to public opinion on March 1st, 1984, the municipal government decided to make the Thorn Rose as the flower of Chengde city.

Chengde Economy

Chengde has not only the advantage of tourism but also good geographical position and rich natural resources, which provide advantage for the development of economy. Although Chengde is a developing region, the economy in Chengde has been developed fast and a characteristic economy frame has been constructed under the policy of reform and opening-up.

What to see

There are many scenic spots and historic sites in Chengde, and beautiful natural scenery and nice climate in four seasons. It is one of the 24 Famous History and Culture Cities firstly improved by the State Council and one of the Top 10 Famous Scenic Spots of China and one of the 44 Key Scenic Spots in china and one of the 40 Best Tourist Sites in China. At the end of 1994, the Imperial Summer Resort together with the temples around it was listed as the World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO. In June 1998, the Imperial summer Resort was confirmed to be one of the 10 models civilized scenic spots of the whole country. At the end of 1998, Chengde City was chosen through public appraisal as the Top Tourist City in China.