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Chengdu Location & Tourist Maps

Located in Southwest China, Chengdu is the regional capital of Sichuan province. its east longitude extends from 102.54 to 104.53 degrees and its north latitude extends from 30.05 to 31.26 degrees.

Chengdu Population & City Maps

It covers a population of 11.25 million.

Chengdu Area

It covers an area of 12.39 square kilometers.

Area code: 028
Postal code: 610000

Chengdu Geography

Chengdu is mountainous in the north-west area, with plains in the south-east area, and low hills in-between.

Chengdu Agriculture

Chengdu enjoys favorable agricultural conditions, and it has long been known as the Storehouse of Heaven. It is the important production base of commercial vegetable oil, vegetables, fruits and Chinese medical herbs.

Chengdu Climate & Weather

Chengdu has typical sub-tropical humid climate, with an annual temperature of around 17.5 degrees Celsius. The annual rainfall of the city is 1,1246mm, with an annual sunshine of 1042-1412 hours. There are several climatic zones in Chengdu, namely, warm temperate zone, temperate zone, frigid-temperate zone, sub-frigid zone and frigid zone, making the city favorable for agricultural production and tourism development.

Chengdu Culture

Chengdu is one of the cradles of Sichuan opera, which is the most representative opera in Sichuan area and also existent in other areas like Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hubei and Taiwan provinces. As one of the stunts in the performing art of Sichuan opera, face-changing is the focus of audience attention. One can not help marveling at this great skill, because as a romantic approach to express internal feelings of the protagonist, it transforms abstract things into concrete. On Dragon Boat Festival, those who are good at swimming would gather near riverbanks and play the game of vying for catching ducks. On the evening of Lantern Festival, women would go outside together and would surely walk through bridges. They think that by doing so, they are able to get rid of diseases and lead a life. Riddles were first written on the paper and then posted on the colorful lanterns. Since riddle can help to develop intelligence and is interesting as well, this game is widely embraced by people of all social classes. When a baby reaches one month old, a celebration would be held. When a baby reaches one year old, its grandparents, relatives and neighbors would give him a gift and offer their good wishes.

Chengdu Resource

Chengdu has 12 rivers such as Ming River and Tuo River, together with numerous tributaries. Apart from the reputed Dujiangyan Irrigation System, reservoirs, pools and weirs crisscross in the city, with an effective irrigating area of 366,000 hectares. It is roughly estimated that there are 11 classes, 200 families, 764 genera and 3000 kinds of animals and plants, in which 2682 are main plants and 237 main animals. Precious plants are gingko tree, dove tree, michelia wilsonii and henryi; national protected endangered animals include panda, red panda, golden monkey and gnu. There are more than 860 Chinese medical herbs, in which hemlock parsley, curcumae, Fructus Mume and Rhizoma Coptidis are renowned worldwide. Chengdu is rich in mineral resources, proven metal minerals include iron, titanium, vanadium,copper, lead, zincum, aluminium, gold, silver, strontium and REE. There are more than 60 Non-ferrous metals, including glaucocerinite, picrolite, gypsum, calcite,limestone, marble, shale, gravel, coal and natural gas.

Chengdu Food

Sichuan being the most known Chinese food style within China, you will find no shortage of delicious Sichuan food in Chengdu. Most of the food is quite spicy, be sure to order non spicy (bu yao la) or little spicy (wei la) food, at least if you are not accustomed to it yet, or have a bottle of peanut milk ready to quell the fire. The local king of kings is the Hotpot, basically a big pot of oil, water and spices simmering in a hole in the middle of your table. Patrons choose from a big variety of skewered food including veggies, sea-weed, fish, beef, chicken, and dog's meat and proceed to boil them in the oil. After the meal, your bill will be calculated by counting the skewer-sticks.

What to see & Chengdu Attractions

Panda Research Base is the biggest facility of this kind in the world. Due to habitat destruction and other reasons, the Panda Bear is maybe the most famous endangered animal.

Chengdu Zoo The Zoo, located in the north of the city near the Panda Research Base, offers all the typical animals that one might expect in a zoo (elephant, tigers, giraffes, monkeys, as well as panda bears).

Sichuan Science and Technology Museum Located directly behind the Chiarman Mao statue in the city center's Tian Fu Square, this huge 4 storey museum is filled with interactive exhibits about science, aerodynamics, space, mathematics, robotics and physics.

Sichuan University Museum has an excellent display of local artifacts and is worth while way of spending an hour or two. The museum is one of the better in China and there are four floors of well lite, air conditioned displays with decent English translations.

Chengdu Specialty

As a traditional handicraft of Sichuan Province, Sichuan embroidery or Shu embroidery in brief, is acclaimed as one of the Four Major Embroideries of China along with its counterparts from Jiangsu, Hunan and Guangdong. As one of the origins of tea trees, Sichuan is also the cradle of tea-drinking, tea-breeding and tea-manufacturing. Wine boom has begun since ancient times in the province for the agreeable conditions in raw materials, water, soil and climate.

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