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Fuzhou Map & Location

Located in the lower reaches of the Min River, the capital city of Fujian Province, Fuzhou City is situated in the eastern part of the Province. Fuzhou, the center of economic, political, cultural and transportation of Fujian Province, was so named after a mountain situated in the north called Mt. Fu.

Fuzhou City Map & Area

Fuzhou covers an area of 12,153 square kilometers.

Area code: 0591
Postal code: 350000

Fuzhou Population

It is populated with 5.83 million people.

Fuzhou Climate & Weather

Fuzhou enjoys a typical sub-tropical marine climate, characterized by mild temperatures, the average annual temperature is 19.6 degrees Celsius. July and August are the hottest months when the temperature reaches over 30 degrees Celsius. Winter is fairly warm, although temperatures on the coldest nights can drop to 3 degrees Celsius.

Fuzhou Food

Fuzhou is also famous for culinary art. Gourmets' fascinations are such delicacies as Fo Tiao Qiang (Buddha-Jumps- Over-The-Wall) and clams in chicken soup.

Fuzhou Culture

Because of its long and flourishing history, there are many arts related industries represented, including the Three Treasures of Fuzhou (lacquer work, stone sculpting and cork cutting), a featured dining culture, and also traditional arts including Min Opera, etc.

Fuzhou City Flower

Jasmine flower is known as the symbolic flower of the city. The broad modern avenues and little ancient lanes are permeated with the sweet scent of jasmines, which contend with the Yulan magnolia, banana shrub and orchid, blazing the city with a riot of colour, brimming it with aroma and bringing about the name to the city "Hometown of Flowers and Fruits. "

What to see & Fuzhou Attractions

The three hills of Yu, Wu and Ping stand at triangular positions, while the two pagodas Bai Ta(White Pagoda) and Wu Ta (Black pagoda) face each other at a distance. These make up the city's landscape.

Famous mountains include Mt.Gu, Qi, Shizhu, Baiyan and Xuefeng etc. Famous temples include Yongquan, Xichan, Linyang, Fahai and Yunju etc. Famous tombs like Tomb of Lin Zexu etc. Famous gardens include West Lake etc. Famous towers include the White, Wu and Luoxing etc. and famous bridges including Wanshou and Longjiang etc. and also many former residences of celebrated historical figures.