Guiyang Location

Guiyang is located on the east slope of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, in the middle of Guizhou Province, with the east longitude 106.07 to 107.17 degrees and the north latitude 26.11 to 27.22 degrees. It neighbors Weng'an, Longli, Huishui and Changshun counties of Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture to the east and south; Pinba County of Anshun Prefecture and Zhijin County of Bijie Prefecture to the west; Qianxi and Jinsha counties of Bijie Prefecture and Zunyi County of Zunyi City to the north.

Guiyang Population

It has the population of 1.22 million.

The population density of Guiyang was 413 persons / sq km

Guiyang Area

Guiyang covers a land area of 8, 097 square kilometers.

Area code: 0851
Postal code: 550000

Guiyang Geography

Guiyang City is located in the middle of Guizhou hill-plateau, on the watershed between Yangtse River and Pearl River, higher in the southwest and lower in the northeast. Miaoling Mountain extends in the boundaries, hills undulate and the hills of denudation alternate with basins, valleys and depressions. The relative difference in elevation is about 100-200 m. The highest peak, 1659 m above sea level, is in Miaowoding, Shuitian Town and the lowest place, 880 m above sea level, is in the exit mouth of Nanming River. In the middle of Guiyang, the stratified landform is obvious, mainly including Guiyang ,Zhongcaosi synclinal basin and Baiyun, Huaxi, Qingyan multistage tableland as well as corroded depression. Peak cluster and dish-structure depression, funnel, underground stream, karst cave are developed.

Guiyang Climate

Guiyang falls within the monsoon climate in subtropical zone that is temperate and humid without severe winters or hot summers, characterized by abundant rainfall and longer frost-free period. Annually, the temperature averages 15 degrees Celsius, the rainfall is 1197 mm, the sunshine time is about 1278 hours, the relative humidity is 76.9% and the frost-free period is about 270 days. But drought or waterlogging often occurs because of the rainfall unbalance among the seasons.

Guiyang Mineral Resources

52 kinds of minerals have been discovered in Guiyang, including coal, iron, silicon, barite, marble, kaolinite, bauxite, as well as phosphorus, sulphur and mercury ores. The reserve of bauxite is 0.43 multiply 109 t, accounting for 20% of that of the country. There are nine super, large or medium-sized deposits, concentrated on Xiuwen County and Qingzhen City, among which Maochang Bauxite Mine (Qingzhen City) has the reserve of 0.15 multiply 109 t. It is a famous super bauxite mine in our country, with higher grade. Al2O3 content is 70% on the average, iron content is less than 5% and the ratio between Al and Si is 7.87.

Guiyang Food

Gongbao Chicken is Created by a celebrated Guizhou royal guard, or gongbao, the chicken is diced and cooked with chili. The ''dragon claw'' is a wild vegetable grown in the mountains which , combined with spicy pork slivers ,makes a popular traditional Guizhou Dish. Spicy chicken is A popular New Year dish in Guiyang. The chicken is dehydrated over a low heat, then seasoned with salt, soy sauce , sweet bean sauce, ginger ,onion and garlic. Sour Fish Soup, A typical local dish of bone soup cooked with hot pepper, soybean sprout, fish chicken, taro, bean curd and vegetables. The scarlet soup is very appetising. ''Love'' Bean Curd are toasted and filled with red pepper, ginger, spring onion ,garlic ,sesame oil, soy sauce, vinegar and sugar, Salty, hot and tender, this is a gourmets treat.

Guiyang Culture

''Sanyuesan Festival'', also called the ''Cutworm Fair'', is a traditional festival of the Buyi people, at which in memory of cutworms, the Buyi people scatter fried corns on the slopes and sing folk songs to pray for a bumper harvest. ''Siyueba Festival'' is a traditional festival celebrated by Miao, Buyi, Dong, Yao, Zhuang, Yi, Tujia and Gelao peoples in Guizhou, the west Hunan and the north Guanxi. Lusheng is an antique reed instrument. Not like that in Spain that it is a fight between a man and a bull, Bullfight in the rural areas of Guiyang is a distinctive amusement activity in the slack season.

What to see

[Hongfeng Lake] Divided into 4 small spots: north lake, central lake, south lake and rear lake, ranked as a national scenic spot, Hongfeng Lake,a first class tourist area, lies in the western part of Guiyang, 32 kilometres from the city. [Baihua Lake] This lake is in the northwest suburb of Guiyang, 22 km away from the city with an expanse of water as much as 13.5 sq. kilometres. [Huaxi Park] Located in the southern part of Guiyang, Huaxi Park is 17 kilometres from the downtown area. [Tianhetan Pool] Located in the southeast of Guiyang, Tianhetan Pool is a newly-constructed scenic spot in recent years, which is as magnificent as Huangguoshu Waterfalls, mysterious as Dragon palace, and beautiful as Huaxi park. [Qianling Park] Located at the northwest of Guiyang, only 1.5 kilometres from the center of the city, Qianling Park is one of a few large urban parks in China with the total area more than 300 hectares. [ The Forest Park] Located in the southeast of the city, 2.5 kilometres from the centre of Guiyang City,the Forest Park was built in 1960, whose forest covering an area of 3,900 hectares, which is the first and largest urban forest park in China. some scenic spots and historic sites such as Jiaxiu Pavilion, Cuiwei Garden and Yangming Temple are seen there.

Guiyang Specialty

Batik s a traditional handicraft, Various designs produced on indigo-dyed cotton fabric reflect strong ethnic characteristics Modern painting skills have also been applied to the art of batik making in recent years Sold around the world the products from Guizhou enjoy a high reputation. ''Bonuomo'' in Buoyei language means Mount Yunwu, situated in the suburbs of Guiyang The Buoyei farmers draw pictures of animals and figures from fairy tales on their dustpans. The outstanding land formation of Guizhou has yielded numerous valuable stones and fossils, Guizhou also has impressive reserves in deposits of gold, silver and other minerals, resulting in a wide variety of mineral stones Cuiwei Garden and Yangming Temple in Guiyang have exotic stone exhibitions. The outstanding land formation of Guizhou has yielded numerous valuable stones and fossils, Guizhou also has impressive reserves in deposits of gold, silver and other minerals, resulting in a wide variety of mineral stones Cuiwei Garden and Yangming Temple in Guiyang have exotic stone exhibitions.

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