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Harbin Introduction

HARBIN (Ha'erbin) is the capital of Heilongjiang Province and probably the most northernmost location that most tourists visit. A city of distinctive character, Harbin is a good place to visit for its winter atmosphere. Boulevards are lined with European-style buildings and white doves flutter their wings in the skyline of the St. Sofia church.

Harbin Location

Heilongjiang Province, the most northwesterly part of China, when viewed on a map has the shape of a swan. The capital city is Harbin, which is located south of Heilongjiang. Not only for its special position, but also as the center of Heilongjiang's political, economic, educational and cultural life, Harbin is described as the pearl beneath the swan's neck.

Harbin Area

The total area: 53,068 square kilometers, including 4,272 square kilometers in the urban area.

Area code: 0451
Postal code: 150000

Harbin Population

Harbin is China's northernmost major city with a population in excess of 9 million.

Harbin Climate

Harbin is the most northeastern and coldest provincial capital in China. The city has a long cold winter and short cool summers. Snow starts as early as November and the coldest month is January. The best time to visit Harbin is between December and February, when this city is a fantastic world of snow and ice.

Harbin Culture

Deeply influenced by foreign culture, the city boasts many examples of Gothic, Baroque and Byzantine architecture. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, held on January 5 every year, reflects the city's economic development and its unique culture. The festival is a unique event celebrated by the Harbin people.

Harbin City Feature

Also known as "Ice City", Harbin is most famous in China for its winter scenery and bitterly cold temperatures that accompany the freezing environment. For centuries, this northernmost city has had a distinctive and influential relationship with its Russian neighbor so that locals have for many years given the city the nickname of "Little Moscow".

What to see

The majestic St. Sofia Orthodox Church and Zhongyang Dajie each built in a European style have the effect of bringing you into an 'eastern Moscow'. the Dragon Tower which embodies the wisdom of the Chinese people is worth of visiting. The cool summers make Harbin highly popular as a natural summer resort. It is widely accepted that the Sun Island Scenic Resort is the best choice during a sweltering summer.

Harbin Specialty

A large number of local native products are well known both at home and abroad, such as pelt of marten, hog bristles, horse tail, black fungus, hedgehog hydnum, black currant, fiddlehead, royal jelly and linden honey, etc.