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Hefei Location & Hefei City Map

It lies between Jianghuai (Yangtze River and Huaihe River) and at the bank of Lake Chao.

Hefei Introduction & Travel Maps

Hefei is the capital of Anhui Province and hometown of the famous honest and upright official in Chinese history - Bao Zheng, featuring a landscape of half mountain and half lake. Hefei (population 4.8 millions) is the economic, political, cultural, transportation, tourism and information centre. It is an ancient city with a history of more than 2,200 years.

Hefei Area

The city has a total area of 7, 029 square kilometers.

Area code: 0551
Postal code: 230000

Hefei Population

It possesses the population of 4.86 million, , of which 1,650,000 people are permanent residents.

Hefei Geography

Hefei City is located the middle of Janghuai hilly land, the main part of which is on the gently undulating plain. To the south is the Chao Lake, one of the five famous big fresh-water lakes in the country.

Hefei Climate

It belongs to the subtropical monsoon climatic zone. The annual average temperature is 15.7 degrees Celsius and the yearly precipitation, 1000mm; the frost-free period is approximately 245 days.

Hefei City Feature

Hefei is known as ''a modern garden city'' and '' the most suitable city for people to live in''. It is the among the first three cities winning the honorable title of ''city of gardens and parks''. The city's Belt Park looks like a green necklace, which ''embraces both the old town and the new urban developments''. The Shushan Lake, lying at the foot of the Dashu Hill, looks like a green bright pearl. Hefei Wildlife Field, characterized by '' naturalness, wildness and lingering charm of forest'', has become a space shared by men and animals. On Mt. Zipeng, one can not only hear the soughing of the wind flowing through the pines, but also see flocks of auspicious birds. With blue waves rippling in its immense waters, the Chaohu is a magnificent lake of myriad scenes.

Hefei Industry

Machinery, electronics, chemistry, iron and steel, textile, foodstuffs and cigarette are the main industries in Hefei City. The production of refrigerators has occupied a very important place in the country.

What to see in Hefei - Hefei attractions

The city boasts many places of historical interest and scenic spots such as Xiaoyaojin(an ancient battlefield in the Three Kingdoms Period, the Archers' Training Rostrum built by Cao Cao, the Mingjiao Temple with an ancient bell, the Cultural Park of Bao Gong assuming the architectural style of the Song Dynasty, the thousand-year-old town of rivers and lakes) Sanhe, the former residence of Li Hongzhang, the former residence of Liu Mingchuan, the Yaogang Village ¡ªsite of the former General Front Committee for the Crossing-the-Yangtze Campaign, and so on. There are many tourist attractions known nation-wide within a radius of 300 kilometers of Hefei such as the Huangshan Mountain, Mt. Jiuhua, the Taiping Lake, Mt. Tianzhu, Mt. Tiantangzhai, the ancient town of Shouxian, the Imperial Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty, Mt. Langya, etc.

Hefei Specialty

Paddy rice, wheat, cotton, rapeseed and flue-cured tobacco are the main agricultural products. In fishery, freshwater fishery is cultivated. There are many local products and specialties, such as handicraft articles made from bamboo, famous paintings, Silver Fish and Sesame pancake.