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Kunming Map & Introduction

Kunming, which is situated in central Yunnan and north of the Dianchi Basin, is skirted on three sides by mountains, with one side opening onto the Dianchi Lake. The city is nicknamed "City of Spring" due to the fact that it is covered all the year round with the rich verdure of trees and plants. Endowed with a pleasant climate, the city's 15,000 square kilometers of land is adorned with more than 400 kinds of flowers.

Kunming Map & Area

It covers an area of 15560sq km.

Area code: 0871
Postal code: 650000

Kunming Population

It possesses the population of 6.2 millions.

Kunming Climate & Weather

Kunming enjoys a pleasant climate with little change in temperature throughout the year. The temperature averages about 15 degrees C. in the urban area, 19.7 degrees C. peaks in the summer and 7.5 degrees C. troughs in the winter. The rainy season is between May and Oct when 85% of the annual rainfall of 1000mm falls.

Kunming Minority Nationality

Yunnan is populated by 25 minority nationalities, which makes up almost fifty percent of the total number of 55 in the whole country. With colorful costumes and fascinating dances and songs, the 25 ethnic minority groups inhabiting in Yunnan carry on their own ways of living, their own cultures.

Kunming Local Feature

Kunming is known as the "Spring City" of China for its wonderful climate. With a high altitude plateau topography, the city has no severe cold weather during winter nor intense heat during summer. The average temperature is 23 degrees C. in summer, 9 degrees C. in winter and 15 degrees C. annual average. The area also gets plentiful rainfall which is the added touch to make Kunming green and lush all year round.

Kunming Culture

Many dances are carried down from generation to generation completely. Most of them have been refined, developed and standardized through years of festivals, performances and ceremonies. The Water Splashing Festival, held by the Dai Nationality in the sixth month of the Dai calendar (in the middle of April), is the grandest ceremonial occasion for the Dai. It is also known as the festival for bathing Buddha. The main festival of Bai people( Bai in Chinese means white ) is the large-scale "The 3rd Month Fair ". Originally, this festival was called Avalokitesvara's Festival. It was Avalokitesvara who opened up the Dali area, subdues Monster Luocha and brought prosperity to the people.

Kunming Food

After dark, street peddlers are all around the city selling noodles, snacks and other "street food". For a taste of ethnic cuisine, such as Dai or Bai, there are many good restaurants in Kunming.

What to see & Kunming Attractions

Among the major scenic spots of Kunming are the Dianchi Lake, the Cuihu Lake, the Village of Ethnic Culture, the Jindian (Golden Temple) Park, the Western Mountain Forest Reserve, the Stone Forest, the Jiuxiang Scenic Belt, the Yuantong Mountain, the Grand View Pavilion, and the Qiongzhu Temple. Stone Forest, which is located in Lunan County 86 km southeast of Kunming, it is known as the " First Wonder of the World ". "It is a waste of time without being in the Stone Forest while visiting Kunming " is a local saying to express the deep love of the local people toward this world wonder.

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