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Lanzhou Introduction

The Yellow River flows across Lanzhou, a city that has a 2,000-year history and is capital of Gansu Province. it is one of the largest cities in the northwest, and this concentration has done little to improve the pollution that thickens the air and that flows downriver. It was this discovery, along with the fact that the city was a significant fortress (for around 1,400 years) of the Hexi Corridor, an eastern and crucial stretch of the Silk Road, that led to a long period of great prosperity in the city.

Lanzhou Map & Area

It covers an area of 1112.20sq km.

Area code: 0931
Postal code: 730000

Lanzhou Population

It possesses the population of 3.24 millions.

Lanzhou Geography

Lanzhou is formed by three parts. They are valleys, basins, hilly land and Huangtumao ditch and gully area. The Yellow River is flowing through the whole city.

Lanzhou Climate & Weather

Located inland, Lanzhou has a typical temperate, semi-arid continental monsoon climate. It is dry with plenty of sunshine. Winter is long and chilly with an average temperature of -7.3C(18.9F) while spring is ephemeral with changeable weather. In winter, a warm coat, scarf, gloves, hat, and boots are needed. Summer is short but not too hot with an average temperature of 22.4C (72.3F). A warm coat is a necessity on your trip to Lanzhou since the temperature can drop considerably in the evening.

Autumn sees a rapid decrease in temperature. Though historical records show that in some extreme cases the temperature can be as low as -23.1C (-9.6F) and can rise to as high as 39.1C (102.4F), Lanzhou enjoys a favorable climate. The annual precipitation is 328 millimeters (12.91 inches), which is concentrated during the summer. So an umbrella and raincoat should be packed in your bag if you plan to visit Lanzhou at that time. The best season is usually from May to October when the temperature is most suitable. Other things to carry with you are a bottle of water, and sun protection, especially a lip balm. If local folk customs like festivals appeal to you, winter is also a good tourist season.

Lanzhou Resource

Lanzhou abounds in coal. And also, there is gold, silver, zine, nickel, manganese, clay and dolomite, etc. The resource of waterpower is abundant too.

Lanzhou Industry

Amongst its major industries, especially the oil refinery, chemical, machinary and metallurgical industry, are in the first place in China. In agriculture, there is spring wheat, vegetables, beans, oil-boiling, melon, tobacco, drug and so on. Lanzhou is the important output place of roses and lilieLanzhou.

Lanzhou City Feature

Lanzhou was also in the past called the "Gold City", due to the precious metal that was found here.

What to see & Lanzhou Attractions

The Baiyun Taoist Temple was ordered built by the magistrate of Gansu Province in 1837 (Qing Dynasty) to commemorate the legendary immortal Lu Dongbin, one of the eight Taoist immortals.

the White Pagoda Hill Park is a large, It is a nice place for strolling, with green forests, scattered pavilions, teahouses and, from its heights, some good views of both the churning river and the city beyond.

The Gansu Provincial Museum, covering a total area of 16.5 acres, is the most impressive museum in the province. Since 1709 in Qing Dynasty ,the Labrang Lamasery has been one of the six leading Lamaseries of the Tibetan Buddhism (Yellow Sect). The 194 cave-shrines of the "Gallery of Oriental Sculpture" on a perpendicular mountain cliff southeast of Tianshui, provide shelters to 7,200 stone and clay figurines and 1,300 square metres of murais.

Lanzhou Specialty

Roast Whole Lamb
The roast entire lamb (Kao quanyang) was already generally acknowledged as one of the then eight most famous dishes in Gansu Province. Local chefs choose those only one year old, hanging the lamb in the oven and anointing it, When it turns golden, about one hour later, this succulent lamb is ready to sample.
Beef Noodle
Lanzhou's biggest specialty dish is the small Lanzhou Beef Noodle. If a little spicy, the noodle is another version of the soup noodles that are to be found around China.

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