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Mt. Siguniangshan

Siguniang (Four Girls) Mountains Scenic Area is situated in Xiaojin County of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China. It was listed as the National Scenic Resort in 1994 and as the National Nature Reserve in 1996. The area consists of Mt. Siguniang, Mt.Balang and Changping, Haizi, Shuangqiao gulleys. Featuring primitive ecological condition and exquisite scenery, the area is reputed to be the Queen of Sichuan's Mountains.

The four peaks, 6250m, 5664m, 5454m and 5355m respectively, are snow-capped all year round like 4 beautiful girls in white curtains with its name stemming from a Tibetan legend about four girls. And it is also called the Alps in the East. There exist the remains of glaciers formed in the remote antiquity and vertical distribution of vegetation and rare wildlife. Additionally, there are Mt. Wuse (Five colors), Lieren (Hunter) Peak, Laoying (Eagle) Cliff, Mt.Niuxin (Ox's Heart), which are enveloped in clouds and mists the year round, presenting an atmosphere of a fairyland.

The base for visiting Siguniang Shan is a small Tibetan town named Rilong. There are two sections of the town, the main street and a village. The main street has many souvenir shops, hotels catering mainly to tourists as well as eating places. Many of the old houses in the village are being converted to hotels and hostels.