Nanjing Location

Lacated at the eastern part of China, Nanjing is the capital of jiangsu Province which is developed in economy in China and an important central city on the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtse River.

Nanjing Introduction

As the capital of Jiangsu province, Nanjing is an important cultural and education center. The city boasts many of the province's top universities and colleges. The city's notable student population consists of both native Chinese and foreigners.

Nanjing Area

Area The city covers an area of over six thousand square kilometers.

Area code: 025
Postal code: 210000

Nanjing Population

It possesses the population of over 6.2 million.

Nanjing Climate

Nanjing is situated on the vast plain of the lower reaches of the Yangtse River and at 32 degrees north latitude, 118 degrees east longitude. It belongs to the northern subtropical monsoon climate zone where the four seasons are clearly demarcated, the annual mean temperature is 16 degrees Celsius, the annual even precipitation is 1,106 mm and the frost-free period is 237 days.

Nanjing History

The name Nanjing, which means "South Capital", is reflective of the importance of Nanjing as the capital of six dynasties in China's fabled history (Wu, Eastern Jin, Song, Qi, Liang and Chen). The Chinese often refer to Nanjing as "Jinling" and/or "Stone City", while some foreigners know it as "Nanking". Officially named Nanjing during the Ming dynasty, it was called "Ning" for short.

Nanjing Science and Technology

In Nanjing there are over 460 natural science research institutions with more than 320,000 technical personnel of different specialities and over 40 social science research institutions with more than 50,000 researchers. The scientific and technological strength thereof ranks third in the country. 291 major achievements have been made in the fields of science and technology throughout the city in 1995, of which 6% are up to the international standard and 42% are up to the domestic advanced standard.

Nanjing Food

Hanfu Food Square has become a well known food street since 2001 after the walking food street was established. Shiziqiao Food Street is between Hubei Road and Hunan pedestrian Road. Nearby the food street, Hunan Road is one of well known shopping and dining streets in Nanjing. Fuzimiao Food & Shopping Street includes dozens of restaurants, fast food chains, snack bars, shopping stores, shops and entertainment clubs.

What to see

Mt.Zhongshan, also known as Mt.Zijin, is the highest peak of Ningzhen Mountains, standing just outside Zhongshanmen Gate of Nanjing City. Mt.Yuntai is the highest peak of Jiangsu Province. In ancient times, it was originally an island and became a part of the mainland in the early Qing Dynasty.

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