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Nationality Culture Park

Xishuangbanna Nationality Culture Park is situated in the south of Jinghong City. It used to be a litchi orchard. This park concentrates on the ethnic customs of 6 major nationalities in Xishuangbanna. They are Dai, Aini, Lahu, Bulang, Yao and Jinuo. In museums of them, you will find out how their traditional life is going. If you are interested in ethnic groups, you come to the right shop.

The park is divided into south and north sections. The south section includes three tourist zones: a plants specimens zone; a tropical fruit zone and a sunbathing and swimming zone. The plants zone has more than ten kinds of rare plants including palms and arecas. In the tropical fruit zone, there are about nine acres of coffee and an orchard of about 99 acres. Trees of coconut; grapefruit; mango; litchi; jackfruit and carambola are flourishing. These trees contribute to the park's pleasant, temperate climate year round. There is a dedicated area where visitors can pick the fruit when it is in season. Just north of the orchard is a zoo with elephants and a variety of tropical birds.

The north section exhibits the traditional houses and customs of six ethnic minorities - the Dai; Hani; Yao; Jinuo; Blang and Lahu. These minorities living in Xishuangbanna conduct a variety of activities allowing visitors to learn their characteristics and customs. Among the activities are the water splashing festival; Dai wedding rituals; cockfighting; dragon boat races; bamboo fireworks and bamboo rafting, to name a few. There are four outdoor dance halls where visitors can watch different ethnic dances. Included are the Dai Peacock Dance; the Jinuo Tom Tom Dance (using a drum 1.5 meters long with an eighty centimeters diameter) and the Lahu Trichord Dance (featuring anywhere from four to 400 dancers). Other ethnic minorities in Yunnan conduct dance programs as well.

Dragon Dance