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Ocean Park

Situated on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, it is one of the world's acclaimed educational theme parks covering more than 870,000 square meters of land. It has recognized as one of the 'Ten of the World's Most Popular Amusement Parks' on Forbes.com in June 2006. Over four million people visit Ocean Park each year. Residents of Hong Kong as well as tourists from all over the world enjoy the facilities and services provided by Ocean Park. With 24 years of history, Ocean Park has established itself as one of the major tourist attractions in Hong Kong and Asia. Aside from entertainment through thrill rides and a wide variety of shows, the Park prides itself on its education and conservation programs. Around 50,000 school children in Hong Kong visit the Park each year to learn about animals.

Ocean Park comprises two sections, the Headland and lowland, connected by a 1.5 kilometers long cable car system which offers spectacular, panoramic views of the southern side of Hong Kong and the South China Sea.

The park aims to combine education with entertainment, and does it very well. The park is packed with creatures from the deep, including; sharks, dolphins, jellyfish and a horde of other fishes. Dolphin shows are put on a number of times each day, while the new Jellyfish exhibition has received rave reviews from local press. The park also boasts two pandas, housed in a state-of-the-art panda enclosure.

Ocean Park features a Giant panda exhibit, a butterfly garden, a shark tank, and a three-story aquarium, as well as numerous rides. The official mascot of Ocean Park is "Whiskers" - a waving sea lion. Besides being an amusement park, Ocean Park Hong Kong also includes observatories, well developed laboratories, an education department and a Whales and Dolphins Fund.

Ocean Park Hong Kong was the first institution in the world to have success in artificial insemination of bottle nose dolphins, and developed numerous new breeds of goldfish, proving the standard of its laboratories.

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