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Qianling Mausoleum & Map

Located in Liangshan Mountain, 6 km from Qianxian County (80 km west of Xian), Qian Ling is the unique co-tomb that two emperors shared. The tomb belongs to both Emperor Tang Gaozong and his empress Wu Zetian. It is one of the tombs preserved best among Tang Dynasty 18 Mausoleum.

Qian Ling was built in AD 684 and took 23 years to complete it. It was originally enclosed by two walls. The inner wall stretches 1.45 kilometers from west to north, 1.58 kilometers from south to north, 24 meters thick. There are four gates, one in each side named Qinglong Gate, Baihu Gate, Zhuque Gate and Xuanwu Gate respectively in east, west, south and north.