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Historical Culture and Euro-Asian Culture Area
This area contains numerous cultural relics against the beautiful natural scenery. This valuable heritage of the century-old city is a result of the combination of eastern and western cultures. Historical sites, foreign-style villas and excellent beaches form a unique Euro-Asian culture area.

The western-style buildings here feature the architecture of over 20 countries. Typical ones include the former German Governor's Residence and Office Building, the Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church and the villa area in Badaguan, where numerous newly-weds, photographers and tourists visit all year round.

Tourist attractions in the East of Qingdao
Donghai Road, Hong Kong Road, Macao Road, the Sculpture Garden of Cultural Celebrities, the May 4th Square and the Music Square, etc. form magnificent scenery for this modern international metropolis.

Shilaoren National Holiday Resort
Unique tourist villas, hotels, excellent beaches and numerous cultural and sports facilities like the Seaside Sculpture Park, the Dolphinarium, the International Beer City, the Golf Course, the International Convention Center, the Cultural Exhibition Center, the Century Square and the Sports Center are all places visitors should not miss. Such projects as the Qingdao Polar Sea World, the Modern Arts Center, and the Yacht Club are now under construction. All these will make Qingdao a comprehensive tourist area with facilities for holidaymaking, amusement, exhibition and sports competitions.

Laoshan National Scenic Spot
Located by the seaside of the Yellow Sea, the 1,133-meter-high Mt. Laoshan is known as the No.1 religious mountain along China's coastline and the birthplace of Taoism. Entitled a national tourist attraction by the State Council, this area is composed of nine sections, five scenic spots under restoration and some surrounding scenic spots. It is a national model scenic area, which ranks a national 4A ranking.

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