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A total of 123 kinds of mineral deposits have been verified. Of these, 50 are among the top ten in terms of reserves in the country and 11 including potassium chloride and magnesium salts have the largest deposits of their kinds in China. Many minerals are urgently needed resources in China and abroad. The famed Qaidam Basin is abundant in natural gas and oil. The province has 178 hydropower stations with a total installed generation capacity of 21.66 million kw and an annual generation capacity of 77 billion kwh. Qinghai has 36.46 hectares of pastureland, accounting for 50.54 percent of the province's total area. The province is home to 411 species of vertebrates. Of the wild plants discovered, some 1,000 have economic value, and 680 are medicinal herbs. Of the wild animals, 21 kinds are under first-class state protection, 53 are under second-class state protection, 36 are under provincial protection, and 22 have been listed in the International Trade Convention on Endangered Wild Animals and Plants.

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