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Qufu Map & Location

Qufu is a city in Shandong Province, China. It is located at 35.36 degrees northern latitude and 117.02 degrees east of Greenwich, about 130 km south of the provincial capital Jinan and 45 km northeast of the sub-provincial city Jining.

Qufu Population

Qufu has an urban population of about 60,000, the entire administrative region has about 650,000 inhabitants.
Area code: 0537
Postal code: 273100

Qufu Climate & Weather

Qufu has a temperate continental monsoon climate. It has four distinct seasons and enjoys abundant sunshine and rainfall. The average annual precipitation is about 597--820 mm.

Qufu Economy

In the new era, the people of Qufu have made a great blueprint about economy and society's development. The mainpoint is that tourism is the head, the industry is the center, the agriculture is the base and so on. In a word, the purpose is to make Qufu become a historic and cultural city, a beautiful city of tourism, the Confucian cultural center in the world.

When we open the atlas of China, we can see Beijing-Shanghai Railway and No. 104 National Road running through Qufu from north to south, Yanzhou-Shijiusuo Railway and No. 327 National Road from east to west. Qufu is an important hub of communications in China, as well as world-renowned city.

History of Qufu

In the southwest of Shandong of China, on the fertile wild plain in the banks of the Yellow River and the south of Mount Tai, there is an old eastern political center, economy and culture important strategic place--Qufu.

In ancient times, Chinese nation walked out in childhood from here, and breed the crystallization thought that became the main body of China's culture later -- the Confucianism culture.

Four thousand or five thousand years ago, Shen Nong, the Yellow emperor set up ancient state here, more than 2600 B.C. ago, the earliest civil ancestor of our nation was born in the Shouqiu ruins of Qufu. The son of Yellow emperor built the capital in Qufu, so Qufu was called the ruins of Shaohao in history. So the Chinese nation is called the descendent of the Yellow Emperor and Yan Emperor.

The 11th century B.C., The Duke Zhou Jidan, the person who starts Lu culture, was conferred upon Qufu, and built the Lu country. So now Lu is the abbreviation of Shandong Province.

Old city gate, mottled city wall deep and serene ancient lane, climbing the ancient residence of all over moss, even the disconnected tile of every incomplete brick, is telling the relation of a person and a nationality history silently invariably, andwitnessing the vicissitudes and brilliance of this city. In Qufu, you can see countless civilization chip, so long as you can be with imagining communicating with history realistically with the emotion, you will hear one eastern thinker of happiness, anger, grief and joy in the heart, and you will recover one historical vision that nationality grow up, you will reveal secret handed down from age to age from days of old of Chinese civilization.

What to see & Qufu Attractions

Qufu is the legendary birthplace of Confucius; it served as the capital of the State of Lu during the Spring and Autumn Period. The Temple of Confucius, Cemetery of Confucius, and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu, have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1994. They are the major cultural attractions of Qufu.