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Sanya Maps & Location

Sanya is a coastal city lying at the southernmost tip of Hainan Province. It is touted the "Oriental Hawaii" for its tropical atmosphere. The city lies between 18.09 - 18.37 degrees north latitude and 108.56 - 109.48 degrees east longitude. Sanya boasts a coastline extending 209.1km; major bays include Sanya, Haitang, Yalong, Yazhou, Dadonghai, Moon etc.

Sanya City Map & Area

It has an area of 1919.6 square kilometers.

Sanya Population

Sanya has a population of 524,000 by the end of 2006.

Sanya Climate & Weather

Sanya is characterized with tropical oceanic monsoon climate, with yearly average temperature stays at 25.4 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature falls in July at 28.3 degrees Celsius while the lowest temperature comes in January at 20.3 degrees Celsius. The whole year sunshine volume is 2563 hours. From October to April of the following year is the peak season of Sanya, is as well the most comfortable time in Sanya with continuous arrivals of visitors. May to September is relatively low but is a time to avoid meeting the visitors tide.

Sanya Economy

After the adjustment in the mid and the late 1990s of last century, the economy of Sanya steps into a new period of development and maintains the two-figure growth speed and the average annul increases of 10.8%. In 2004, the GDP arrived 4,825 million RMB. Tourism is the leading industry in this city. Many famous hotels have been built in Sanya, such as Hyatt, Sheraton, Hilton, Marriot, Holiday Inn, Gloria and Shangri-la, etc. In 2004, the star-rated hotels received more than 3.63 million tourists, and the total revenue from tourism is 3914 million RMB.

History of Sanya

As early as in Qin Dynasty three counties were set under jurisdiction of the central government, Yazhou, or called Xiangjun was one of which. Han Dynasty established Zhuya County, Sui Dynasty set Linzhen and Tang Dynasty changed it to Zhenzhou for today's Sanya. By Song Dynasty Sanya had become the southernmost county of China. As Sanya lies remote from the mainland and the central government, it has long been called "the end of the earth" since old times. Yaxian County was liberated in April 1950, and the county government was established. Approved by the State Council of China, Yaxian was upgraded to Sanya City on September 26, 1987. On December 30 on the same year, Sanya City was officially named and performed accordingly.

What to see & Sanya Attractions

Sanya is a tropical international tourist city. It enjoys clean seawater, fresh air, beautiful beaches and bright sunshine, and is rich in natural tropical scenery and historical sites. Its attractions include Yalong Bay National Resort, Dadonghai Tourist Zone, Tianyahaijiao, the marvelous landscape of mountains and seas at Nanshan, Wuzhizhou Island, the Ancient City of Yazhou, Shuinan Village, Luobidong Cavern and the Muslim tombs built in Tang & Song dynasties, etc. Local specialties include handicrafts made of seashells, horn-ware, coconut shell carving products, squid and pepper, etc.