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Shenyang Introduction

Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning province and China's fifth largest city. The city is located on the river basin of the Liaohe and Hunhe Rivers. Shenyang is considered the ''hub'' of Northeast China. All road and rail connections pass through Shenyang and it serves as the communication, commerce, science and culture center of Northeast China. Shenyang has advanced railway and highway systems connecting it with nearby steel-city Anshan, coal-city Fushun, iron-city Benxi, electricity-city Fuxin, forming an industrial city group.

Shenyang Area

Area It covers an area of 13000 square kilometers.

Area code: 024
Postal code: 110000

Shenyang Population

Shenyang's total population is 6.8 million, with 5.68 million living in urban areas .

Shenyang Climate

Its climate is relatively dry most of the year with spikes in precipitation during the summer months due to the influence of monsoons. Temperatures vary as much as 10 degrees Celsius from daytime to night, and in winter they can drop below 0 degrees Celsius.

Shenyang Geography

Shenyang is located in the first of three Northeast China provinces, in the center of Liaoning province. It is situated in the inland area of the Liaodong peninsula. Shenyang is north of the Bohai Sea and southwest of the Changbai mountains. It has a typical northern temperate continental climate with four distinct seasons. Shenyang covers an area of 185 sqkm. Shenyang is divided in to nine districts and also has 3 counties (suburbs) under its jurisdiction. Shenyang's total area is 12,980 sqkm extending 115 kms from east to west and 205 kms from south to north. The terrain is smooth, rich with fertile soil and underground resources.

Shenyang History

Then called Mukden, Shenyang was the capital of Manchuria from 1625-1644. Its imperial Palace stands as evidence of that period. The main structures were started by Nurhachi and completed in 1636 by his son, Huang Taiji (1592-1643), who founded the Qing Dynasty. The palace now functions as a museum, with exhibitions of ivory and jade artifacts, musical instruments, furniture and Ming and Qing paintings.

Shenyang Industry

Shenyang has a modern comprehensive industrial system which includes machinery equipment manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and electronics information.

Shenyang Resources

Shenyang ranks the first in Liaoning province in terms of natural resources , with 21 profitable mineral reserves discovered , including coal, oil, gas and iron ore. There are 56 raw materials markets and special markets in Shenyang, with an annual turnover of 1.45 billion dollars. They deal in steel, timber, coal, nonferrous metals, machinery and chemical engineering products. Shenyang has been an important heavy industrial base in China and has a large work force.

What to see

The past dynasties have lets the city a wealthe of cultural relics, such as palaces, city walls, pagodas, temples, and town sites. The most famusis the Shenyang Imperial Palace. Built in 1625, it is the only existing integrated royal architectural complex in China besides the Forbidden City in Beijing. The palace was named the "accompanying capital" after 1644 when the Qing emperor Shunzhi moved the capital to Beijing.