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Shigatse Area

It covers an area of 182,000 square kilometers.

Area code: 0892
Postal code: 857000

Shigatse Population

It has a population of 630 thousands.

Shigatse Climate & Weather

Summer is usually mild and wet, and brings most of the annual rainfall. Winter is cold, dry and windy. Its annual mean temperature is 6.8 degrees Celsius.

Shigatse Geography

On the southwest frontier of China and in the southwest of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Shigatse connects with Ali to the west, leans Nagqu to the north, and adjoins Lhasa and Shannan to the east and borders on Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim, sharing a part of frontier of 1,753 kilometers. It has an area of 3,875 square kilometers and average altitude above 3800 meters. There are one county-level city (Shigatse), seventeen counties (Gyantse, Bailang, Kangma, Yatung, Renbu, Nanmulin, Xietongmen, Lhatse, Sakya, Gangba, Tingjie, Tingri, Nyalam, Jilong, Angren, Saga and Zhongba), one port (Zhangmu, the biggest national commercial port in Tibet). Its population of 82,000 consists of 16 nationalities including Tibetan (more than 97.8%), Han, Hui, Mongol, Tu, Manchu, Hmong, Zhuang and etc, as well as 1875 Sherpas. The population accounts for one fourth of the total population in Tibet, with density of 3.3 people per square kilometer. They mainly inhabit the Brahmaputra valley with a few in the pastoral area of the west.

History of Shigatse

Shigatse is an ancient city in the altiplano with a history of nearly 600 years. It is named Xikasangzhuzi in Tibetan, and Xikazi for short, which stands for 'a manor of the most fertile soil', and it is transliterated into Chinese as 'Shigatse'. In the middle of the 13th century AD, the Yuan Dynasty set up 130,000 Hus (households) in Tibet and the region where now Shigatse covers was under the jurisdiction of the Xialu master. In the early 14th century, Great Situ (Minister of Education in ancient China), Jiangqujianzan, built Pazhu Dynasty to replace Sajia Dynasty, removing the political center in the lower reaches of Nianchuhe from Xialu to Shigatse and setting up Xikasangzhuzi there.

What to see & Shigatse Attractions

There are wonderful monasteries comparable with those in Lhasa, like Tashilhunpo, Sakya and Shalu. The highlight of Shigatse is surprisingly high snow capped peaks. Most of the highest peaks in Tibet, including Mt. Everest, are around Shigatse.