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Shijiazhuang Introduction

The capital of Hebei province; the provincial capital with the most wide radiation area of railway, highway and postal service and one of the important railway hub in China; served as the political, economic, tourist, cultural, scientific and technological center of Hebe

Shijiazhuang Location

It is situated in the middle south of Hebei province; on the Huabei Plain; between 38.04 degrees north latitude and 114.29 degrees east longitude; with Beijing and Tianjin in the north and the Bohai Sea and Huabei oil field east; leaning against the Taihang Range and bordering on the Shanxi province in the west.

Shijiazhuang Area

Area Encompassing 15,653 square kilometers.

City code: 0311
Postal code: 050000

Shijiazhuang Population

Shijiazhuang has a population of 8.75 million.

Shijiazhuang Climate

Located in the temperate zone, enjoying the continental climate; four seasons clearly demarcated with cold winter and hot summer; with frost-free period of 200 days.

Shijiazhuang Geography

The urban district is with smooth terrain; higher in the west and lower east; dotted with lakes.

Shijiazhuang Nationality

Han, Hui, Manchu, Korean and Mongolian

Shijiazhuang Industry

There are such industries in the city as textiles, machinery, iron and steel, chemicals, coal, pharmacy, and electrical power.

Shijiazhuang Food

One style that is said to distinguish the Shijiazhuang cuisine, is the chefs adroit knife skills, shown in the many courses of the Hebei banquets, notably the cucumber banquet (Huanggua yanhui), and in the famous Chrysanthemum-shaped sleeve fish, which is as close as the area comes to producing its own dishes.

What to see

It is the military presence that leaves the city with its most interesting features, a highly modern international hospital and a Martyr's Museum. The Bethune International Peace Hospital, which was first set up in 1937 in the Shanxi-Chahaer-Hebei military area, was moved to Shijiazhuang in 1948. Dr. Bethune himself was buried in the second feature, the Revolutionary Martyr's Museum, a park to the west of town. Of the interesting sights in the Shijiazhuang area, by far the best is the Zhaozhou Bridge, out in Zhaocheng County, which is both the oldest in China and also one of ancient China's most impressive pieces of engineering.

Shijiazhuang Specialty

Xuanhua pear, honey peach, date, walnut, apple, Jingjing Lahua - the northern Yangge