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The recorded history of Taipei begun with the Han Chinese settle in the Taipei Basin in 1709, and lead to the current High-tech capital that is nowadays Taipei City. Notable others dates are the annexation of Taiwan by Japan, which made Taipei start its rapid growth, and in the 1950s USA provided financial help to the ROC's dictatorial but efficient government, which allowed the city to start a fast structural and industrial growth, leading to the current high-tech world leadership.

From 1895 to 1945, Taiwan was a colony of Japan. People were trained to communicate in Japanese and copying the Japanese ethics. In 1915, a businessman named Xian-rong Koo bought the Tamsui Theater from a Japanese owner, had it renovated, and changed its name to Taiwan Novel Hall. Inviting Chinese operas from Shanghai and Ge-zi Operas from Fu-Jian Province and local productions, Mr. Koo turned Taiwan Novel Hall, the first performing venue in Taipei, into a most important venue for Chinese traditional arts and a home for Chinese values and aesthetics.

The Rebirth In 1989, Dr. C.F. Koo, son of Xian-rong Koo and a well-respected business leader established the Koo Foundation in Taipei with the objective of promoting Chinese Opera. The Foundation has been joined by Bao - chun Li, a well-accomplished Chinese Opera singer/actor/director from a distinguished Chinese Operatic family. A small company called Taipei Li - yuan Chinese Opera was founded to perform domestically and to tour the world. The results till this date have been fruitful with ovations from all continents.

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