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Its primary attraction is Tihua Street. Running parallel to the Tamsui River, it was once the off-loading point for boats carrying goods back and forth from the sea. A little ways east of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, you'll come to Yungkang Street, long known as a haven of gourmet dining. A block east of Yungkang Street, you'll find the biggest and newest park - Ta-and Forest Park in downtown Taipei. South and west of the Ta-an Forest Park, you'll find Shihta Road, a cool little strip with a market, plenty to eat and lots of coffee shops for whiling away the time. Further on south from the Shihta area is the Kungkuan district, dominated by National Taiwan University (NTU).The Weekend Market, which draws in everyone - the trendy and the traditional, socialites and bumpkins.

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