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Temple of Six Banyan Temple

Located on Liurong Road, the temple enjoys a long history and a widespread fame both at home and abroad.

First built in 537 A.D., it is a famous Buddhist temple in Guangzhou. Originally called Bao Zhuang Temple, the temple's name was changed to Liurong (Six Banyans) in Ming Dynasty after it was found that the dissident poet-governor Su Dongpo had paid a visit to it in 1100 and wrote down the two Chinese characters 'Liurong', which was inscribed on the two stone steles in the temple. The temple features a 57.6 meters high Flower Pagoda, the tallest old structure in the city. As a result, the name of Liurong Temple and Flower Pagoda are used interchangeably. The pagoda has 9 stories from outside, but 17 stories from inside. The top story of the pagoda houses the famous thousand-Buddha copper pillar cast in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).