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Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is located in the western part of the Hong Kong Island. With an altitude of 552 meters, it is the highest mountain on the island, although far from the highest in the territory.

With some seven million visitors every year, the Peak is the biggest tourist attraction in Hong Kong. It offers spectacular views of the city and bay. The number of visitors has resulting in the building of two major leisure and shopping centres, the Peak Tower and the Peak Galleria, situated adjacent to each other at Victoria Gap.

The Peak has long been the most expensive and exclusive area of Hong Kong. Before the arrival of the Peak tram in 1888, the wealthy were carried up the mountain in sedan chairs. In colonial times too, this was the most prestigious district and many governors and businessmen bought extortionately priced houses up here, away from the smog and heat below. Today, nothing much has changed and this remains the place where the fashionable and rich make their homes-snapping up houses at prices which are among the most expensive for real estate anywhere in the world.

It is not hard to see why this area is so popular when you reach the top. The views from the Peak Tower are truly spectacular and this is also a great place to get your bearings of Hong Kong and Kowloon. The Peak Tower stands at 400 meters above sea level and was built to withstand all typhoons. This is where the Peak Tram terminates and the Tower contains various entertainment facilities (most are great fun for kids), shops and a few cafes.

Victoria Peak Map