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Wuwei Map & Location

Wuwei city, also called Liangzhou, is located in the east of the Hexi Corridor of Gansu Province. She was an important section of the ancient Silk Road. To the east, she is next to Lanzhou city, to the south is near Xining city, and to the north faces Yinchuan city.

Wuwei Area

It covers an area of 33 thousand square kilometers.
Area code: 0935
Postal code: 733000

Wuwei Population

It has a population of 1,930,000.

Wuwei Climate & Weather

Wuwei enjoys a typical continental climates ,the annual average temperature is about 7.8 degrees Celsius, the annual average precipitation is 60 to 610 mm, annual average sunshine time exceed 2200-3030 hours, and frost-free period is about 73-155 days.

Wuwei Economy

The industry systems relating to brewing, light-chemical industry, food processing, and textile industry have been formed. After many years' development, there are 5,700 enterprises, including 3 listed companies, i.e. Huangtai Group, Ronghua Group, and Mogao Group, and 2,000 products. The mainly products are wheat flour, starch, alcoholic, wine, beer, fumigating vinegar, glutamic acid, lysine, vegetable oil, food, beverage, yarn of flax and so on. Among them, Liangzhou Huangtai wine series, Mogao dry-red (white) grape wines, Xiliang beer, Yunxiao fumigating vinegar, are appraised as "the well-known make of provincial-class". The Mogao ice grape wine has been appointed as using in the Nation's banquets.

What to see & Wuwei Attractions

Wuwei owns the centuries-old history, rich cultural heritages and particular natural sceneries. There are 543 relics and historical sites in the city. There are about 40,000 items (volumes) of relics stored in the museums. Among the relics, the Leitai Han Dynasty Tomb, is the place unearthed the Bronze Galloping Horse, the Symbol of China's Tourism; the Xixia Monument, is addressed as "a living dictionary" by scholars from home and abroad; the Wuwei Confucian Temple, named the champion of the ancient education schools, is well known as "the top Academy of learning"; the Tiantishan Grottoes, is considered "the senior ancestor of the Chinese ancient grottoes"; the Baitashi Temple (White Pagodas), is the historical witness place of Tibet belonging to China; the Haizang Temple, is the fabulous place the Xuanzhuang of the Tang Dynasty rested for collecting the Sutras from the West; the Luoshisi Tower, is the Holy land of the Buddhism; the Dayongsi Bell, the ancient sites of the Great Wall. "three-gorges" natural sights, Wuwei Desert Park, the Endangered-wild Animals Breeding Center, Minqin Desert Reservoir, which is the largest one in the Asia, all of these have laid a solid foundation for visits, exploration, investigation and so on.

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