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Wuxi Location

Located between north latitude 31.07 to 32 degrees, east longitude 119.31 to 120.36 degrees; Situated in the middle of the Yangtze Delta, Taihu Plain southeast of Jiangsu province; The Yangtze River in the north and Taihu Lake in the south; 183 kilometers away from Nanjing, 128 kilomenters from Shanghai.

Wuxi Area

It is 4650 square kilometers in area.

Area code: 0510
Postal code: 214000

Wuxi Population

It has the population of 4,240,000.

Wuxi Climate

It has a subtropical monsoon maritime climate, mild and humid with 4 distinct seasons, long frost-free period of 230 days and enough sunshine of 2000 hours annually. The annual mean temperature is 15.5 degrees Celsius and annual average rainfall is 1,000 millimeters.

Wuxi Geography

mainly plain terrain, dotted with low mountains and hills.

Wuxi Economy

Wuxi is the main center of cotton textiles and one of the important bases of machine and electron industry. The pottery production of Yixing is famous both in China and abroad. Dingshu Town is the main producing area and it is called the city of pottery. The agriculture is developing very fast. There is rice, fresh-water fish, cocoon, fruits and so on. It is the famous land of fish and rice in our country.

Wuxi Transportation

Wuxi is one of the important hubs of water transport and land transport in Jiangnan area. The railway, inland water transport and highway are developed. Also the airplanes here can take you to Beijing and some other cities.

What to see

Thai Lake scenery area that crosses Wuxi and Suzhou is one of the important places of interest in China. Thai Lake is the third biggest fresh lake in China, there are many islands in the lake, and the scene is very beautiful. In addition, there are some other places of interest, such as Yunv Pool in Yixing, Dongpo Hall, Xingguo Tower in Jiangyin, Xuxiake memorial hall and so on.

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