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Noodles and dumplings are the staples of the local food and these are almost always filling and warming. Some other Xi'an snacks and special dishes include: Sour Soup Dumplings and Guantang Steamed Baozi.

Shaanxi people have tried to research the imperial cuisine of Tang Dynasty making it possible for you to taste typical dishes of Tang Dynasty in some of the restaurants in Xi'an. These dishes are not only tasty, colorful and fragrant with well-selected materials, but also full of cultures and legends with ancient styles. The most famous venues for the Tang Dynasty banquets are Tang Dynasty Palace and Shaanxi Grand Opera Theatre where Tang Dynasty banquets can be combined with Tang Dynasty show.

Xian is known as the "Snacks Kingdom" in northwestern China. The snacks' styles are classified into Han, Uyghur (Xinjiang) and Hui (Chinese Muslim) etc. Some commons are: Mutton Paomo (crumbled unleavened bread soaked in mutton stew), Roujiamo (Griddle Steamed Bread with Mincemeat Fillings), Qishan Noodles, Chopped Buckwheat Noodles. A good place to eat these snacks is the Huimin Jie (a famous street closed to the Bell Tower).

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