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City & Attraction

Yunnan Map & Location

Yunnan on the southern border of southwest China takes its name from its location to the south of Yunling Mountains. It Situated at 21 degrees north latitude and 97 to 106 degrees east longitude.

Yunnan Tourist Map & Population

The population is 37.7 million.

Yunnan Province Map & Area

It has an area of more than 390,000 square kilometers.

Yunnan Travel Map & Geography

Yunnan is located in Yungui Plateau. The hilly land occupied 93 percent of the area. And the basin only occupied 6 percent. The topography she is complicated. Approximately, the northwestern part is higher than the southern part. The rivers are parts of Jinsha River, Nu River, Nan Pan River, Yuan River and Yiluowadi River.

Yunnan Climate & Weather

Yunnan with its complicated terrain has a diversified climate. It is divided, from north to south, into three climatic zones-- temperate, sub-tropical and tropical, distributed, from low to high terrain, over four regions -- the low, hot river valleys, mountain areas, and frigid highlands, forming a peculiar "three-dimensional" climate.

Yunnan's climate is characterized by small seasonal change in temperature, great difference in daytime temperature, and regional contrast between dry and wet seasons. Its mean annual temperature increases from 7 degrees Celsius. in the northwest to 22 degrees Celsius or more in the Yuanjiang River valley. It has abundant rainfall and a mean annual precipitation of 750-1,750 mm. The rainfall in the wet season of May to October accounts for 83% of the annual precipitation.

Yunnan Food

It had formed the Dian style dishes, such as rice noodle of across the bridge, steamed chicken soup, Xiuanwei ham, and Yilian toast duck, etc.

Yunnan Culture

Operas of ethnic minorities like Dianju, Baiju, Daiju, etc. and dances like Peacock Dance, Fan Dance, and Lushen Dance, etc.

Natural Resources

Yunnan abounds in natural resources. It is known as the kingdom of plants, animals and home of non-ferrous metals and medicinal herbs. The province not only has more plant species of tropical, subtropical, temperate, and frozen zones than any other province in the country, but also has many ancient, derivative plants, as well as species introduced from foreign countries. Among the 30,000 species of plants in China, 18,000 can be found in Yunnan. Yunnan has proved deposits of 86 kinds of minerals in 2,700 places. Some 13 percent of the proved deposits of minerals are the largest of their kind in China, and two-thirds of the deposits are among the largest of their kind in the Yangtze River valley and in south China. Yunnan ranks first in the country in deposits of zinc, lead, tin, cadmium, indium, thallium, and crocidolite. The annual water flow originating in the province is 200 billion cubic meters, three times that of the Yellow River. The rivers flowing into the province from outside add 160 billion cubic meters, which means there are more than 10,000 cubic meters of water for each person in the province. This is four times the average in the country. The rich water resources offer abundant hydro-energy.

Yunnan Ethnicity

Yunnan has the highest number of ethnic groups among all provinces and autonomous regions in China. Among the country's 56 ethnic groups, 25 are found in Yunnan. Some 38.07 percent of the province's population is members of minorities including the Yi, Bai, Hani, Zhuang, Dai, Miao, Lisu, Hui, Lahu, Va, Naxi, Yao, Tibetan, Jingpo, Blang, Pumi, Nu, Achang, Jino, Mongolian, Drung, Manchu, Shui, and Bouyei.

What to see & Yunnan Attractions

Tourist centers in Yunnan include: Dali, the historic center of the Nanzhao and Dali kingdoms. Jinghong, the center of the Xishuangbanna Dai minority autonomous prefecture. Lijiang, a Naxi minority town labelled 'Shangri-la' by the Chinese government. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. The Stone Forest, a series of karst outcrops east of Kunming. Yuanyang, a Hani minority settlement with vast rice-terraces. Shangri-La County (formerly Zhongdian), an ethnic Tibetan township and county set high in Yunnan's north-western mountains.

Yunnan Specialty

The province boasts abundant famous local product.Yunnan cigarette,Yunnan medicine, and Yunnan tea such as Dianlu, Puler, Dianhong, and Yunnan Ham, etc, are all famous specialities.