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Zhaoxing Tourist Map

Zhaoxing Dong Village & Tourist Map

A beautiful Dong minority village with 5 Drum Towers decorated with lively paintings, a number of graceful Wind and Rain Bridges and traditional wooden houses, opera stage and altar, Zhaoxing is one of the most attractive destinations in Southwest China for those who seek to witness living minority cultures.

Zhaoxing Scenic Area is located in the south of Liping County, Guizhou Province. With its heart being Zhaoxing, a village of the local ethnic group named Dong, the area also contains six other Dong villages and one sacred mountain, constituting a tourism area of the Dong culture about 31 square meters.

The Dong village of Zhaoxing has a history of nearly 2000 years. Now it's the home of over 4000 Dong people and over 800 families. It's long been called ''The 1st Village on the Land of Dong'' (the current version of the title is inscribed by Mr. Feng Jicai, a famous Chinese novelist and scholar) thanks to its large population and strong ethnic customs.

The village is built on mountain and by water, with two rivers converging here and flowing through it smoothly. Along the river are rows of railed leg-suspended houses high and low, forming crisscross streets and lanes.