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Zhengzhou Map & Location

The capital city of Henan Province, Zhengzhou is located in the middle of China, about 760 km (about 472 miles) south of Beijing and 480 km (about 298 miles) east of Xian. After the Longhai Railway (Lanzhou to Lianyungang) and Jingjiu Railway (Beijing to Kowloon) were completed, their intersection, Zhengzhou, became a vital transportation hub.

Zhengzhou Tourist Map & Area

It is 7.4 thousand square kilometers in area.

Area code: 0371
Postal code: 450000

Zhengzhou Population

The population of Zhengzhouis 5.6 million.

Zhengzhou Geography

Zhengzhou is in the transition terrain between Huanghai and Huaihai Plain. Situated in the center of China's greatest cross of communications, Zhengzhou has convenient communications and developed telecommunications.

The artery railways of Long Hai and Jing Guang cross in the downtown, the National Highways No. 107 and No. 310 and the freeways of Jing Zhu and Lian Huo go through the city proper, the Xinzheng International Airport that has been honored as a National Civilized Airport has routes leading to more than 30 cities both at home and abroad.

Zhengzhou possesses the largest train marshalling yard in Asia, the biggest transit station for small loads of goods in China, one Grade I airport, one Grade I railway port and one Grade II highway port, all the customs formalities for exported goods can be completed in Zhengzhou and directly transported abroad.

Besides, the business volume of both postal and telecommunications services rank first across the country. Zhengzhou has become one of China's leading comprehensive junctures of communications and telecommunications covering the areas of railway, highway, aviation, post and communication.

Zhengzhou Climate & Weather

It has a monsoon climate in the warm temperate zone, with an average annual temperature of 14.3 degree Celsius and an average annual precipitation of 640mm. The black frost period can last 225 days.

Zhengzhou Mineral Resources

Zhengzhou abounds in mineral resources, including coal and cement rock.

Zhengzhou Industry

Major industries are textile, machinery, tobacco, non-ferrous metal metallurgy, chemical, building materials, food and coal. Among them, textile industry and aluminum metallurgy industry are the ones of China¡¦s important industrial centers.

What to see & Zhengzhou Attractions

Its prime tourist attractions are the Yellow River Tourism Zone, The Monument to the Great Strike of February 7, and People's Park. A long history has left Zhengzhou with many cultural and historic sites. Shaolin Temple situated at the foot of Mt. Song is the cradle of Shaolin Kong Fu. One of the four Academies of Classical Learning in the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279), Songyang Shuyuan, gives a complete depiction of Chinese ancient education.

Zhengzhou Specialty

There are wheat, corn, cotton and tobacco. A green ceramic glaze pot unearthed in Zhengzhou has been shown to be the most ancient porcelain in China. The traditional specialties are Yellow River common carps, sesame seed, date and honey.