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A KunMing and YunNan Map combined with a Chinese Mandarin PhraseBook in one that are EASY TO USE, FUN & INFORMATIVE! From Shangri-la (map grid Kd24) to Jing Hong (map grid Ke18) in XiShuangBanNa, we'll take you all over YunNan, through GuiZhou, down into GuangXi, southward into Vietnam to Hanoi (map grid Ki18) and Ha Long Bay (map grid Kj17). Up through Laos and back to KunMing - no other map gives you so much for so little - there are endangered species to observe at the ChongZuo Ecology Park (Kj19) from White Head Langurs to wild elephants (Ke19) at San Cha He Reserve.

Cliff paintings (Hua Shan - Kj19), waterfalls (DeTian - Kj19; HuangGuo - Ki22), world renowned gorges (Tiger Leaping Gorge - Kd23), Tibetan monasteries, Miao minority festivals (map grid Kk23) and more ...

Trax2 China MapTrax2 KunMing Map
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