YangShuo, GuiLin, DaLi, LiJiang collectively known as China's Pizza Trail, pizza's been the only thing they have in common. All four places are mesmerizing and distinctively different. All of the Trax2 titles includes its very own localized Chinese Mandarin PhraseBook and local Hotel & Business Listings. And, now for the first time ever, from the Trax2 "Award Winning Design Team", comes this series of four Maps available only in this unique collectable package...

Trax2 China MapChina's Pizza Trail
ISBN 978-0-9779228-9-5
Only: $25.95* for the set

Guilin Map Trax2
Yangshuo Map Trax2
Dali Map Trax2
Lijiang Map Trax2
Actual printed size of Map: 57.5 x 43 cm (19 x 17 inches)

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